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Consider love games you can play over the phone to keep your relationship fun. You can learn a lot from each other by playing these flirtatious games, while also having a good time.

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Take turns asking each other to say the first thing that comes to mind after you've said a word. For example, if you say the word "love," then your partner must answer with the very first thought that popped into his mind, whether that's "you" or "shack. Create a variation on the traditional "20 Questions" game by choosing something you love about each other or something the other person doesn't yet know about you as the answer.

Take turns asking fun and flirty questions. Ask your partner, "Would you rather Add a sexy twist by asking about things you might do when you're back together in person.

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Ask each other trivia questions about yourselves, if you two have known each other for a good amount of time. Range from easy questions that your partner should know the answer to, to things you may have just mentioned in passing. You will keep running around in circles. Some people are just naturals at it-playing games is kind of a God-given gift. Some people just have it in them and they can pull it off and win.

While some others try too hard and still lose. Playing games is fun and exciting until someone loses or gets hurt. If you are looking for long lasting love, then you have to be true to yourself and true to your partner. If you play games, you may be going after lust or infatuation, but not the kind of love that is pure and genuine.

You can play as many games as you like, but if they are all fake, you will eventually get exposed and you will then have a hard time getting away with playing them in the future. Just like video games, you get bored of them after a while. The thrill just wanes after some time or you get hooked on a new game. The developer created an interesting scenario that will remind many of chatting with their crushes over AIM. If you like this game, try the sequel, Emily is Away Too.


It lets you choose between two ladies, and features interactive elements outside the chat interface. The above five games make dating the focus of the game. This farming simulator game came out of nowhere in and became a smash hit.

During all of this, you also get involved in town and build relationships with the townsfolk. The Persona series carries split gameplay. Part of the game is living as a high school student — going to class, taking tests, and hanging out with friends.

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The other half involves dungeon-crawling and battling enemies in typical role-playing game RPG style. Thus, Persona is not a dating simulator, but those interested in pursuing relationships can do so. In the social part of the game, you can choose to chase after a romantic interest.


The friends and significant others you select in that portion affect your options and tactics in battle. If you find the standard dating games too fluffy and enjoy Japanese RPGs, give this series a try. These seven games let you woo lovers at your discretion.

2. My Sweet Roomies!

Done with dating games and want to start for real? But there are still many good dating websites out there.

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Here's a wide selection of the free online relationship websites out there. Read More in real life. How were your experiences with the above games?

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