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Best of all, I had the pleasure and privilege of working with some of the most talented, hardworking women I know to this day. I had a ball, in short, working for Cosmo. Its mission, to be a straight-talking best mate, the kind you go to when you need outfit appraisal or to figure out what to say in a job interview or to get advice on your new boyfriend, was something we lived and breathed in our office.

But over the course of my years there, I heard so many times, in varying forms, that Cosmo was a magazine for silly young girls whose interests ran from having a good hair day to having a great hair day. I heard it from my own friends, from my family, from people I barely knew. I used to laugh it off, which is basically tacit agreement, but over the years I developed a way to show these detractors that they were wrong. The truth is that Cosmopolitan was born breaking new ground; its failing was not doing that at the end.

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Helen Gurley Brown, who transformed Cosmopolitan from an ailing literary journal yes, really to the must-read bible for young women, was feminist in her own way though it should be said that some of her views, namely about the LGBTQI community and her lax attitude to sexual harassment, would be seen as pretty horrific today. She championed working women at a time when many women simply did not work, or stopped working when they got married. She showed women it was a perfectly valid choice to not have children.

And of course, she helped usher in the sexual revolution, telling readers their sexual pleasure was their right, not an optional extra on a menu designed by and for men.

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