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It can quickly become this really unhealthy, obsessive habit we've all been there. And it hinders the actual process of getting to know a real person rather than their social media presence. Why are we hearing a trend that more and more people are 'settling'? On paper, with more apparent options, surely we should have higher expectations?

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You are deserving, worthy of love and a happy and a fulfilling relationship if that's what you want. Don't settle just because you think that person will do or out of fear of being alone. That is no foundation for a happy relationship or future. There's nothing wrong with drinking on a first date, don't get me wrong it definitely helps to calm the nerves. But getting too drunk can lead to mistakes, regrets and memory loss.

If you genuinely do want to get to know this new person perhaps it is best to stay somewhat sober. You will only ever think 'what if' otherwise. Hannah claims young people are more likely to be diagnosed with STI's and should be tested between sexual partners file image.

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With the instant access to new dates at the swipe of your fingertips it's very easy to find yourself going on several dates a week, it is any wonder many of us suffer from dating burnout? This can be exhausting, grow to be boring and take away the fun and excitement of dating. Not to mention the strain on your wallet!


While increasing the sample size is beneficial, it's still about quality not quantity. There is also the danger people can get caught in the trap of becoming emotionally unavailable. Young people are more likely to be diagnosed with an STI than older age groups and there are 2 very easy ways to reduce your risk as much as possible. We can now judge people in seconds on a dating app.

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As we are quickly swiping away we can find ourselves judging people based off their interests, their career, their clothes etc — this list goes on. These things are limited in telling us everything we need to know about a person to decide if they would be a good partner or not. So give people a chance, actually get to know them rather than making a quick judgement on their online 'bio'. Hannah believes it's important to spend time single to gain a perspective of what you actually want in a potential partner file image.

We all know at least one person who has never spent more than a month single and that month doesn't really count because the first half was spent crying over their last break up and the second half pursuing the new love interest. Okay, sometimes people do change. But don't bet on that happening because of you. It's best to just take people as they are, rather than what they could be. Don't start dating someone thinking you can change them. Get out of that relationship before you waste another 2 years with them and they still haven't changed!

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You want someone to accept and love you for who you are, right? So we should offer the same. For more sex, relationships and life talk from Youtuber and Author, Hannah Witton visit www. Men and women have gone online to share their most valuable relationship advice. People didn't hold back and he was quickly inundated with advice, with users citing communication, trust and effort as the top ways to keep a partner happy. Many others highlighted the importance of fighting a problem together, rather than attacking each other, and others revealed just how important feeling appreciated was.

Meanwhile some revealed the key to keeping their partners happy was to performing daily acts of kindness, and never to 'argue to win'. Elsewhere, users cited putting in per cent effort, understanding that things which may not matter to you are important to your partner, and assessing whether you can live with small annoyances rather than continuously arguing about them.

A relationship advice thread was kicked off on Reddit this week by user 'Iron Wolf', an Italian-American man in his late thirties, who asked what the best tips were for a happy relationship. One male user aged highlighted the importance of fighting a problem together, rather than attacking each other, and many revealed just how important feeling appreciated was.


Magazine article from 1958 advises women to 'cry softly in a corner' to attract men

Another male user aged explained that doing simple tasks to help around the house and make each other's lives easier went a long way. Meanwhile a male user who described himself as 'over 30' told just how important it was not to become complacent in the bedroom and to go the extra mile to make your partner feel sexy. Elsewhere an experienced male partner, aged , revealed that he and his partner tried to outdo each other's acts of kindness without keeping a score. Meanwhile another man revealed that Michael Douglas said his relationship with Catherine Zeta Jones has lasted so long because they give each other the benefit of the doubt.

Meanwhile a user by the name of Jeffrey Patterson argued that it is essential to take your partner's complaints on board, however small they seem to you, as they are important to them.

Another user by the name of Kendrick Shalamar quickly learned that it wasn't worth lying as you would have trouble remembering the tales you told. A female user admitted that once she turned her complaints into requests they were taken on board much better by the other party. Laura, 30, shared her tip, which was never to argue to win but to solve an issue which could keep reoccurring if not resolved. A man, aged , highlighted the importance of telling your partner you love them every morning and see if you could stop being annoyed by something before asking them to change.

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A female American user revealed that her mother told her how important it was to be happy with yourself and not place all your joy on your relationship. One user revealed a common mistake women made was trying to change their man, while men hoped their women would always stay the same. Tolerating anything will kill you', a friend's mother told one user in the viral thread.