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1. Cuddle under the stars while watching a movie at the Rooftop Cinema Club.

Okay if you're actually in a hipster relationship you're probably not reading this article. But even if you're the slightest bit hipster you and your boo would love to hit up some date spots where you can feel totally comfortable and be yourselves.

2. Tour the secret tunnels beneath the streets of DTLA.

So if you're in a hipster relationship, or you're in the beginning stages of one, here are a few spots that will be sure to impress your hipster boo and add to the comfy quotient of date night. One of the best hipster bars in Toronto, don't actually expect to be sipping cold tea here.

This place is packed with cool drink selections and a unique selection of fare to pair with your booze. It also features a cute backyard patio with live music if you want to take your hipster boo out for a dance! Stop by this Parkdale hipster spot with your date and enjoy some gourmet Canadian fare in a rustic basement atmosphere. Afterwards you can vibe out to some live music and sip some beers! This place is so much more than just food and liquor.

7 Great Spots For A Date In Dublin That Won't Break The Bank - Lovin Dublin

It boasts beers too! Haha but seriously it carries all of the essentials needed for a great date, especially a hipster one. The venue has a lowkey basement party vibe, with industrial lights and a soft glow. Nuit Social feature's a unique menu, and also provides the chance for you and your date to create you own social board, which is basically a customized charcuterie board. This is a great hipster date spot for the vegan and vegetarian friendly hipsters. Every option here is made for you using naturally sourced and organic ingredients.

A great way to impress your date and show that you care about what you eat! The Bellwoods Brewery is a bar version of Trinity Bellwoods park, because it still incorporates nature, a busy atmosphere and hipsters. This micro brewery is great for beer loving hipsters, where you can sip some good craft brew over little talks. It's rustic, with a lakeside cottage vibe and dim lighting, this is a super romantic spot for any hipster couple, or any couple for that matter.

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Take some time out with your hipster bae a real hipster will scoff at that word, I know and enjoy some good eats at Harbord House. It's got good food and great beer, the essentials in the perfect hipster date.

7 Great Spots For A Date In Dublin That Won't Break The Bank

If you and your hipster date are into tea, then this is a great spot to grab some teas and continue chatting about your favourite indie bands. Nit all hipsters are into coffee, so a tea date will totally mix things up! This restaurant serves up some conventional and unconventional dishes, so it can appease the cravings of your unique hipster date. Hankyu Ikeda Station Opening Hours: In the west of Osaka lies one of the biggest aquariums in Japan.

Visit all 15 tanks separated into distinct areas of the Pacific Rim with its marine life on display, with the Pacific Ocean tank being the biggest tank in the aquarium. The aquarium has also opened their new, interactive exhibition in the past few years where you will be able to meet the penguins from the Falkland Islands and touch sharks and manta rays in shallow tanks. This is most definitely a great day out for any ocean and marine life lovers out there!

Delhi’s most romantic restaurants—the best dating spots

There is also a retro style indoor bathhouse and a candy store with sweets from the Showa Period Take the cable car to one of the most popular groups of mountains in Japan, collectively named as Mount Rokko. With spectacular views of Kobe and surrounding cities, these mountains are perfect for those wanting to spend a romantic time together enjoying a view. Other activities in the area include the many hiking trails up and down the mountains as well as the Rokkosan Pasture where you will be able to hang out with farm animals.

Take the cable car from here. If you are looking to do a day trip someplace, then make sure to visit the small town of Arashiyama a few stations away from the center of Kyoto.