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Okay, he most likely is a player. He talks a lot about his friends, boys, and his guys, but you have no clue what their names are. With this lack of detail, he clearly wants to keep his life private and separate from you. When you drink you two are drinking at home. This guy has his ex girlfriends on speed dial.

He talks to them on a weekly basis. Any guy who is a player is sure to give you plenty of opportunities to work on communication and figuring out what you want Hate to get graphic here, but men who are players are generally pretty good at wooing the ladies and lots of them If they weren't good in bed then they wouldn't be able to trick so many women into sticking around despite their inability to commit.

5 Accurate Signs This Guy Is a Total Player and Has No Intentions In Dating

So if it's a good time that you're after, you definitely know where to find it. This is a good thing for a few reasons. You might experience a different type of physical experience with a player guy than a nice guy, simply because they've been with more people. Why this can be good, is that you can figure out what new and different things feel good to you and then you can mention it when the next guy inevitably asks you what you like in bed.

Dating a player can be a really good way to find some clarity about what you don't want from a relationship. You might already have an inkling about what you do and don't want, but going through a situation that you don't want to repeat can give you the resolve to seriously not do it again. Sometimes it's hard to break our dating habits unless they really reach a point where we hit a wall, and it's not always a bad thing to get pushed to that point.

Dating a player can be a way to sort of push yourself to that point, and then when you're ready to stop dating players you'll know exactly why. You'll also be able to spot the same player tendencies in other people that come along You're going to be such a dating expert, it's only going to help your future self.

Avoid These 11 Types Of Men In The Dating Pool

Sometimes you just don't want to actually be in a serious relationship but you do want to get in some quality time with a guy anyway. Dating a player is the perfect middle ground because he's down to spend time with you but probably isn't going to be pressuring you to commit anytime soon. There is absolutely nothing wrong with casually seeing people if that's what works for you. The key is being clear about what you want and staying honest with yourself if you start to develop or lose feelings so you don't get stuck somewhere doing something that you don't actually want to be doing.

Sometimes we end up catching feelings anyway even when we're certain that we won't, but that's a risk that you have to be willing to take if casual dating is something that interests you. Let's be honest, dating a player can be a little challenging on the old emotions at times Sometimes we need to go through some more dating challenges to toughen up and build our self-esteem so that we're in a good place when the right guy ends up coming along.

When you date a player you will become more adept at being able to tell when someone is lying. You will learn how to properly call someone out for lying without losing your cool. You might even learn how to do some lying of your own if that's something that you're interested in adding to your life.

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If a player likes you he probably won't be the one walking away at the end of the relationship. It's going to be totally you. A lot of players are pretty fun in general, so who knows what could come about from spending some time on the social scene with one. If he's popular with the ladies he's also probably popular in general which means that he has a lot of friends If he's a player you can at least do some looking of your own, right?

His eyes are always on the move

Technically a guy who's a player can't totally claim you if he's not willing to stop hooking up with other people either, so in reality, you have the go ahead to date his friends if you want. Oddly this will probably piss him off even though he isn't committing to you and might make him like you even more. So actually, flirting with a player's friends is actually one of the best things you can do.

Someone will end up interested in you, most likely because you're pretty amazing. Dating a player is not boring, and if you're generally turned off by boring guys and boring dating situations than it can certainly be good for that.

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Avoid These 11 Types Of Men In The Dating Pool

No one is worth losing confidence in yourself. Before you know it, you'll be going an entire weekend "ignoring" their text when deep down you've actually been dying to see them. The lesson here is: If you want to see them, tell them. If you feel like being alone, don't reach out. It's as easy as that. Be straightforward, and don't let someone else behaviour influence how you manage your decisions. Inconstant behaviour is the number one arsenal in the "playing the field" starter pack. It's the corner-stone of player-dome.

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That said, it is absolutely key to manage your expectations and accept that inconsistent and erratic behaviour will happen, a lot. So, just take things as them come and go along with the ride. Once again, we do all have boundaries, though. Know that you have a lot of power and you can get off the roller-coasted at any time. This is your decision too! That is one of the most important things to keep in mind when getting involved with someone who is clearly playing the field.

Never take it personally, and back out when you've reached your limit.

Which brings us to knowing when to draw the line. Players have a tendency to blow hot and cold. Just when you think to yourself "I've had enough" they often come swooping back in with whispering all those yummy sweet nothings into your ear, and casting their sweet spell on your all over again. Listen, just like the highs and lows of a drug, i'm not going to lie, this emotional roller-coaster feels good for awhile.

So - have fun while you're on the ride, but always keep in mind that solid long-term partnerships are build on consistency, trust and security. Not sloppy puke-inducing peaks and valleys. Now it's time to say - bye bye. This brings us to our final chapter, i'm glad you made it. Similarly a key rule in dating a player is knowing when to say bye. It's important to manage your expectations from the get-go.

And they ALL have a expiration date. Similarly, riding the highs and lows can become so blinding and intoxicating, it can be easy to quickly lose touch with objective and sound decision making. That said, your friends and close family should be your best allies to combat against this spell. Friends and family will always have an objective view of the situation and will make sure to put you in your place when and if they notice your beahvior to be running off in a unhealthy direction. Make sure to keep the types of friends by your side who aren't afraid to be real and direct with you.

Friends and family members who constantly sugar coat and try to be too sensitive may not be the best to run to for advice when it comes to dating a player. Learn more Like almost every website, cookies are used. Follow Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube.